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Nautel Discusses Asymmetrical Sidebands

Webinar set for Dec. 15

On Dec. 15, starting at noon Eastern, Nautel will present a webinar, “Asymmetrical Sidebands and HD PowerBoost for Improved HD Radio Coverage.”

According to Nautel, some 4,000 stations could benefit from asymmetrical sidebands to optimize digital radio coverage.

“Nautel’s asymmetrical sideband and HD PowerBoost webinar will describe the company’s award-winning technology that allows stations to boost one sideband to the full –10 dB HD Radio signal while keeping the other sideband at a more conservative –14 dB injection level.

“Studies have proven that this technology will maximize digital coverage while avoiding interference with an adjacent upper or lower channel. Actual field trial data will be discussed as well as the enhanced capabilities of HD PowerBoost.”