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Nautel Expands NV Line

Plans webinars to introduce the broadening line

Nautel has dramatically expanded its NV line of FM solid-state transmitters, announcing seven new models.

New broodmembers are the NV3.5 (4.13 kW analog, 3 kW hybrid, 1.13 kW digital); NV5 (5.5 kW analog, 4 kW hybrid, 1.5 kW digital); NV7.5 (8.25 kW analog, 6 kW hybrid, 2.25 kW digital); NV10 (11 kW analog, 8 kW hybrid, 3 kW digital); NV15 (16.5 kW analog, 12 kW hybrid, 6.5 kW digital); NV20: 20 kW analog, 8.75 kW hybrid, 6 kW digital) and NV30 (33 kW analog, 24 kW hybrid, 9 kW digital).

They join the NV40, launched last year.

All are digital-ready and include a five-year warranty. Features include Advanced User Interface for remote operation and monitoring; a touchcreen interface; adaptive precorrection; improved signal analysis tools and due to its modular construction, compatibility with other Nautel modules.

Nautel President and CEO Peter Conlon said the new models extend the NV capabilities across a broad range of medium- and high-power requirements.

Nautel will conduct a pair of webinars to discuss the new transmitters on February 6.