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Nautel Redesigns V5

Nautel Redesigns V5

Nautel has introduced the new release of its V5 5,000-Watt FM transmitter.
The transmitter has been redesigned to add more redundancy in the power supply section and reduce overall size. The V5 transmitter now has an AC/DC power supply for every RF power module, allowing the transmitter to operate from either a single- or three-phase power source by changing configuration links, Nautel said.
The overall size has been reduced to 72-1/2 inches high x 23 inches wide x 34.5 inches deep and the unit weighs only 450 pounds. The V5 uses the M50 digital exciter with its integrated Exgine card for HD Radio operation.
Recognizing that RF STLs are prone to interference, Nautel said, a new release of the M50 was on display at NAB this spring; it monitors the HD Radio data packets and automatically requests a resend of lost packets to maintain a lossless broadcast.