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Nautel to Update Antenna Hungaria’s MW Station

Two-megawatt NX2000 medium wave system to be installed over the next year

Antenna Hungaria’s two-megawatt transmission facility near Solt, Hungary, is getting an upgrade from Nautel. The AM and FM broadcast transmitter manufacture will install an NX2000 medium wave system. The project will include large infrastructure changes as well as a new transmitter.

The new Nautel system will incorporate five Nautel NX400 transmitters with a combiner. Working with Porion Digital KFT, the companies will interface with the existing medium voltage supply, coordinate building modifications for the new transmitter, and provide required air handling equipment. The transmitter upgrade is expected to be completed in the fall of 2017.

“Replacing our 40 year old transmitter was a huge decision, and was not undertaken lightly,” said Attila Nagy, adviser to the CEO of Antenna Hungaria. “We felt that the Nautel system was our best choice for overall reliability and cost of operation. We look forward to working with Nautel and Porion to bring the latest technologies to this important transmission facility.”

Antenna Hungaria is owned by the Hungarian government and provides broadcast, telecommunication and multimedia services throughout the country.

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