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Nautel’s NA200 Goes into Service with DRM

Nautel's NA200 Goes into Service with DRM

Nautel’s DRM compatible NA200, 200 kW AM Broadcast Transmitter has Digital Radio Mondiale broadcast service, as VT Merlin Communications officially launches DRM service for the BBC World Service. DRM is a technology for digital radio below 30 MHz.
The NA200 was installed at VT Merlin’s site on Orfordness, England and was commissioned prior to the World Radiocommunications Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. It was on the air with a digital signal at 1296 kHz bearing 96 degrees towards Geneva, for the inaugural DRM broadcasts.
The transmitter’s coverage includes Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Northern France during the day, and also Germany at night.
The NA200 was configured for dual mode operation to allow for both DRM and conventional Medium Wave AM broadcasting.