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Navigauge Launches Radio-Based Index of Consumer Behavior

Navigauge Launches Radio-Based Index of Consumer Behavior

Navigauge is introducing the Consumer Behavior Index or CBI, which it calls the media industry’s first independent source of in-vehicle radio listening behavior data.
The company will begin issuing its CBI next week (Nov. 8), focusing on the elections. The system’s first implementation is in Atlanta, where the company is based.
Its managers hope to offer data from five major markets in 2005. The company creates a “panel” of listeners in each market, then uses in-vehicle devices that capture listening activity.
“This dynamic will show advertisers behavioral patterns that will allow them to make smarter radio buys,” a spokeswoman stated.
The company uses passive and continuous in-vehicle radio audience measurement and GPS technology. It said it reports “on which drivers listen to what, when they listen, for how long and where they are as the listening occurs.”
CEO Tim Cobb said the system gives broadcasters data them to sell advertisers on peak event-based time slots.