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NCE Process Moves Forward; FCC Releases 46 Large Mutually Exclusive Groups

Comparative analysis work will begin after 30-day settlement window.

The FCC Media Bureau has identified 46 more “groups” of mutually exclusive applications for noncom educational FMs, as submitted in last October’s filing window, and it soon will begin its comparative analysis work on that list.

The bureau received some 3,600 applications originally. It says it processed 1,230 applications that are “singletons,” those that could be accepted for filing and those subject to dismissal. It also earlier released lists of groups containing four or fewer applications, as well as groups with 13 or fewer.

This is the list of most of the rest; read the list here (Excel document). Some of the groupings are quite large, with several dozen applications.

The FCC said any applicant who thinks an application has been erroneously included or excluded from any of the mutually exclusive groups should notify the Audio Division within 30 days; also, if any applicants in mutually exclusive groups are negotiating a settlement or time share arrangement, they also should tell the Audio Division now.

The comparative analysis work will begin after that time window.