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Nearly 250 Entities Want Western LPFMs

SoCal opportunities sought

The FCC has issued a list of nearly 80 competing application groups for low-power FM licenses in the western U.S. It’s the first such group list released as the commission now begins making the harder decisions about who may get a new license.

The Audio Division has made tentative selections for what officials call “mutually exclusive” applications; the entities that filed the 248 applications for areas west of the Mississippi River and are vying for the same frequencies in a market.

The 12 states listed in the notice include: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. A Radio World review of the list shows Los Angeles has the most applicants: By far the biggest grouping is Group 27, with 25 applicants competing for one LPFM in or near Los Angeles; and there are at least two other groups of applications also in the L.A. area. Parties like Future Roots, Craft and Folk Art Museum, Historic Downtown Los Angeles Business and Machine Project want an LPFM in the market. Eight entities are vying for an LPFM in Las Vegas proper.

The paperwork stems from the October 2013 filing period.

Petitions to deny and informal objections may now be filed against any other applicant for 30 days. The release also triggers a 90-day period to file voluntary time-share proposals and major change amendments.

The commission also issued a list of second-adjacent waiver requests.