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Net Radio: ‘The Soundtrack for Online Shopping’?

Net Radio: 'The Soundtrack for Online Shopping'?

What exactly is the value of Internet broadcast advertising?
Arbitron and Edison Media Research will review a new study on this topic in an online review on March 24. An early peek:
– More than four in 10 people who listened to Internet Radio in the last month did so while shopping or researching a product or service online,
– Some 51 million Americas have used Internet audio or video in the last month.
– More than one-third of Americans agree, “in the future there will be no more landline telephones because everyone will be using a cell phone only.”
– 41% of Americans know someone who only uses a cell phone and does not use wired landline phone service.
– 45% of those with Net access use software to block pop-up advertising and 33% use a banner ad-blocking program.
The session is at noon on March 24.