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Net Radio Jumps This Week

Net Radio Jumps This Week

Internet radio streamed 14 percent more hours in the week of May 14 to 20 than in the previous week, bringing the fledgling media on the upward trek it has been on before the early April AFTRA announcement that it will collect triple rates for radio commercials used in streaming broadcasts.
While many radio broadcasters withdrew their streaming Webcasts until they can devise a solution that will make Webcasting at least a break-even business — impossible if their advertisers will have to pay three times more than their broadcast rates to be streamed — Internet-only Webcasters quickly found new audiences.
In Tuesday’s MeasureCast Internet Top 25 Weekly report, more than half of the top 25 Net radio stations were Internet-only companies. Before the AFTRA move, less than a third of the top 25 were Net-only Webcasters.