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Net Radio Just Keeps Growing

Net Radio Just Keeps Growing

MeasureCast measured a 10 percent increase in Internet radio listening during the first week of October over the previous week.
This sent the MeasureCast Internet Radio Index to its highest level to date, at 291. This was the third week in a row that the index rose, adding to the almost constant increase since January when MeasureCast began to index Internet radio listening. According to MeasureCast, Internet radio listening has increased 191 percent since January.
Jazzfm finished the week as the top Webcaster and the leading terrestrial broadcaster offering programming over the Internet. It streamed 77,866 more hours to 9,076 more people than it did the previous week., which took second place, was the leading Internet-only Webcaster. It streamed 13,545 more hours of music to 6,741 more people than it did the week before.
The leading Webcast aggregator of Internet-only stations was the digital radio network Radio Free Virgin, which streamed 318,957 hours. Warp Radio was the top terrestrial online network, streaming a total of 364,723 hours during the week.