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Netherland’s New Digital Radio Campaign Begins

TV spots and a new website look to raise awareness of digital radio

A new campaign with the purpose of raising awareness for digital terrestrial radio in the Netherlands has begun, featuring TV spots and a new website set to launch in September.

The new commercials started Monday, airing on NPO1, NPO2 and NPO3. A new version of is also set to go live in September to provide current information on digital radio for both commercial and public radio stations.

Digital Radio + tests are expected to begin soon for regional radio stations in western Netherlands. The goal is to have all regional radio stations able to test digital radio by September.

However, many commercial stations are worried about the transition to digital radio and granting of air licenses through an auction. Economic Affairs Minister Kamp, though, says that there will be more digital frequency space available as well as imposed obligations on how to improve digital terrestrial radio coverage.