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Netia, Archives du Monde, Digitize Togo’s Audio Treasures

Works with Archives du Monde for the preservation of Radio Kara’s audio collection

Netia announced that it is sponsoring work by Archives du Monde to digitize the archives of Togo’s Radio Kara and to train the broadcaster’s technicians in managing and maintaining this archive independently.

A nonprofit organization, Archives du Monde is dedicated to helping radio broadcasters worldwide digitize and preserve their audio archives. Netia’s support and the company’s Radio-Assist digital audio automation software play a key role in this work, says the firm.

Founded in 1976, Radio Kara is the second public radio broadcaster operating in the northern part of Togo. The facility has thousands of hours of audio stored on magnetic tape, and the gradual deterioration of this archive, mainly due to climatic conditions, requires urgent intervention, explains Archives du Monde.

“Radio Kara’s tape archive is a national treasure that excites the imagination with glimpses into the country’s rich past,” said Elisabeth Clémentin, project manager at Archives du Monde. “A significant part of Togo’s audio heritage is stored in this collection, and the creation of a digital archive will benefit all who appreciate African history and culture.”