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Netia Browser Gains New Database

Netia Browser Gains New Database

Netia has added to its Radio-Assist 7 range with a new database that can be customized for each user group or subgroup in a digital audio system. By enabling “multi-radio” management, Radio Assist 7 can handle several groups of broadcasting stations.
The database provides a new tab management function for use in multiple-criteria search tools. Normally a user can find a file by selecting a number of search criteria with preset, unchangeable tabs. The ability allows each radio or department to create and have access to its own tabs. The database can also create “virtual tabs” from “dynamic tabs.” A dynamic tab becomes virtual when it represents a subset in a “standard” tab or a dynamic tab. The items shown are aliases of items already in a tab. Virtual tabs are specifically intended for consultation. For example, one can be based on a standard tab, but only contains items of a certain type, such as jazz items from the general music category.