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Netia Explores Wireless World

Netia Explores Wireless World

Netia said its Insider Pocket PC will bring the Radio-Assist Insider intranet-based lookup program to Pocket PC devices.
The purpose of Radio-Assist Insider is to find and play any file in a database connected to a station intranet. The company said a multi-criteria search function gives near-immediate access to selected data, with the interface personalized to match the access rights of the user.
It can be used to listen to an ongoing recording or news feed. Editors can access a playlist in advance and validate it with a ready-to-broadcast flag. A moderator can use it to monitor the broadcast.
Insider Pocket PC includes those functionalities and makes them accessible from a PDA.
The company said this product is useful for broadcast managers, letting them remain in contact with their station anywhere via a Wi-Fi hotspot or other wireless Internet connection.
Netia said it is working to adapt its Radio-Assist products to the mobile, wireless world. Plans include a recording/editing platform for Pocket PC/Windows Mobile devices.