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Netia Has Line of Monitoring Systems for Radio

Netia Has Line of Monitoring Systems for Radio

Netia debuted its Media Logging range of audio and video monitoring systems for the radio and television markets that are integrated with its Manreo and Radio-Assist media management systems, and comprised of Chronos and Dragster software.
Chronos captures audio and video feeds during a broadcast and offers real-time MPEG-4 encoding for video and MP3 or WAV encoding for audio. Its interface lets operators view video data on demand. Users can retrieve playlists without interrupting the recording and the system archives and purges recorded files stored locally or on the network.
Dragster is a real-time engine that monitors the appearance of specific images among thousands of clips, triggering actions such as recording, switching the grid, playback from a server and notification of a database. It features full-screen image recognition as well as recognition of parts of images.
Applications of the Media Logging range include companies with legal requirements, monitoring of the competition and retrieval of recorded sound and video.
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