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Netia Releases Latest Version of CMS

French firm shows enhancements to its content management system

Netia says it is releasing an enhanced version of its content management system, which features an enriched metadata management module, more robust indexing and segmentation tools, and more flexible control over the entire system.

The CMS is an integrated suite of media asset management solutions, which the company says, together enable users to streamline all of their production processes, from editing through post production and distribution.

According to the company, through a single customizable web-based interface, the Netia CMS facilitates an automated workflow across a facility’s production environment, simplifying and speeding the process of storing, managing and distributing content to any service provider or multimedia platform.

Other refinements include the ability for users to personalize the system’s GUI to include more fields and to modify its metadata template. The CMS now also interfaces with speech-to-text transcription systems available on the market and offers a multilingual thesaurus module.