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Netia Updates Air-DDO

Netia Updates Air-DDO

A new version of Air-DDO software is part of Netia’s Radio Assist 7 product line, suitable for automated or live-assist use. The new playout system is spread over two screens, with one showing the contents of the four playout channels, the second showing the database and tools. Air-DDO accepts four on-air outputs and one PFL playback at the same time. Four tools are accessible simultaneously: the on-air playlist system, which displays audio scheduled for that day; a cart-stack system that allows access to preselected sounds; another cart-stack system dedicated to memorized stacks of jingles or of stingers; and a playout system solely for urgent items.
The broadcast can be modified by a drag and drop command. Air-DDO takes into account the changes and updates all time calculations. The user accesses the data with a mouse, a touch screen, a mixing console or a remote control. Sporting New Radio recently ordered Radio Assist 7 systems for use in Boston and Los Angeles, to complement a system already in place in Chicago. Each of the three sites has its own database; the systems are connected via WAN and communicate via T1, allowing instant sharing of audio “documents.” Info: