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Network Radio Cumes Go Up

Arbitron says report shows strength in key buying demos

The number of people reached by network radio in certain demos went up in the latest RADAR report, according to Arbitron, although at least one measure dropped.

The research company said RADAR 104 cume audience estimates showed 684,000 more listeners age 12+ than three months earlier, to a total of 189.5 million. The increase for listeners 18+ was 788,000, to approximately 172.4 million.

Adults 35+ and 25–54 also increased, though not as much. However, the demo of adults 18–49 fell by 90,000 to a total of 102.8 million.

RADAR measures network commercial audiences; 51 networks operated by seven client companies are measured.

You can read RADAR Radio Network Cume Rankings for the 18–49 and 25–54 demographics here.

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