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Neumann Cracks ‘Tonight Show’

Neumann Cracks ‘Tonight Show’

Edd Hall, announcer and sidekick for NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” has replaced his old announce microphone with a Neumann TLM 103 studio condenser. The switch was partially a result of the show’s overhauled set, which forced Hall to move from the back of the stage to a dedicated announce booth.
While the old microphone had never been “bad”, he felt there might be room for improvement. “Ideally, we wanted something that would capture Edd’s voice as naturally as possible while still cutting through the live band and screaming crowd at the beginning of each show,” recalled Pat Lucatorto, the sound mixer for the program. “It had to be full and rich in the low end and yet detailed and robust in the upper mids.”
Thus began a two-week trial of every microphone they could get their hands on. Shedding preconceptions, they tried everything from dynamics to studio condensers to vintage ribbon microphones. Hall brought in his own Neumann TLM 103 from home.
“He’s but two inches from the microphone and announcing at full volume. Only a popper-stopper mitigates his pressure,” said Lucatorto.