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Neural Audio Corporation Moves

Neural Audio Corporation Moves
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Neural Audio is getting bigger - so flush with clients it has moved to a larger building. Neural gets includes an additional 3,000 square feet dedicated to test rooms designed for specific market applications. The rooms include: three ITU-R compatible sound rooms designed and manufactured by Acoustics Systems; an automotive Spatial Environment Engine Development System listening room designed for multiple speaker configurations including rear-seat entertainment; a consumer 5.1 surround sound radio/TV living room; and a custom-designed headphone/ear bud auditioning room.
The space also accommodates custom satellite digital radio, IBOC and DTV broadcast simulation environments for transmission testing, codec evaluation and bench testing.
"Our impact on the TV and Radio market through our customers and strategic partners made this move a necessity," said Mark Seigle, company president and chief marketing officer.
Neural Audio Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Scientist Robert Reams adds, "From day one, we have always insisted on testing and evaluating our DSP in professional, standardized electrical environments. The new facilities take us to a higher level of quality with the addition of standardized acoustic environments. The cost is astronomical, but well worth it."
Neural is still in the Seattle, Washington market. The offices are located at 11410 NE 122nd Way, Suite 100, Kirkland, Wash.


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