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Neutrik Says Ethercon Is the Future

Neutrik Says Ethercon Is the Future

Neutrik USA is touting additions to its Ethercon line of ruggedized RJ45 connectors. The most recent are a feedthrough panel-mount receptacle in the standard D series hole cutout and a cable-to-cable adapter.
The Ethercon series is capable of carrying at minimum CAT-5 signal, and the system consists of a receptacle with printed circuit board terminations or punch-downs. The punch-downs are Krone or 110.
“There is a need to push more data through connectors,” said Jim Cowan, president, “and this line was designed for that purpose.”
According to Kathi Evans, product marketing and communications supervisor, the company also offers a cable carrier, NE8MC, which consists of a die-cast metal shell, internal strain relief and an outside boot into which the customer provides an assembled RJ45 cable. This shell helps to protect the fragile contacts of the RJ45 connector. Info: