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New Auction 83 FM Translator Deadline

This one’s for all applications within spectrum limited markets

The Media Bureau announced an April 1–19 filing window for 639 of the so-called “tech box” FM transmitter applications.

The window is limited to certain applications pending from Auction 83; those that specify transmitter sites that are inside spectrum limited markets and/or within 39 kilometers (about 24 miles) of the commission’s Spectrum Limited Market Grid.

The list of those 639 applications is sorted by the state in which the specified community of license is located.

The “In SL Buffer” column identifies with a “Yes” each proposal that specifies a transmitter site that is within 39 km of atleast one Spectrum Limited Market Grid.

The action is the next step in the agency’s attempt to dispose of or process thousands of FM translator applications so it can open a filing window for low-power FMs in the fall. 

Those pending Auction 83 FM translator applicants with proposals in spectrum limited markets can file minor technical amendments — such as channel changes or changes to site, power or antenna height and antenna pattern — to eliminate possible conflicts to protected LPFM channels.

Applications must be filed electronically.