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New Chairman Faces Digital Transition, Indecency Issues

New Chairman Faces Digital Transition, Indecency Issues

As Kevin Martin begins his new role as chairman of the FCC, several broadcast issues are pending at the commission, including finalizing rules for digital radio and deciding how to end the digital transition for TV. Other issues awaiting action include resolution of media ownership limits, caught in a holding pattern through court appeals, and complaints about broadcast indecency.
The 39-year-old Martin is a former White House aide who worked for the Bush campaign in 2000. Prior to joining the campaign, Martin was an advisor to FCC Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth.
Republican Martin has been a commissioner since 2001 and does not require reconfirmation. His elevation and the departure of Michael Powell leave a Republican slot open, and that nominee will require Senate approval.
“I thank Chairman Powell for his excellent stewardship of this agency, and I look forward to continuing his efforts in bringing the communications industry into the 21st Century,” said Martin in a statement.