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New CPs Pending in Several Cases

FCC picks additional qualified applicants in NCE ‘threshold analyses’

Three organizations will be celebrating this week with news that they’ve been tentatively selected to receive CPs for noncom educational FM stations.

This development actually is a followup to the order released in October that performed threshold analyses of 28 groups of mutually exclusive applications for noncommercial educational FM station construction permits.

“At the time of this action, the staff was unaware that, in light of several settlement proposals, two of the groups analyzed therein could be subdivided into smaller groups of mutually exclusive applications, thus enabling the staff to ultimately issue additional NCE construction permits,” it said this week.

Now the FCC has modified parts of its earlier order.

One group consisted of six applications for five different communities in New York. The FCC chose St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Parish for a CP in Greene, N.Y., from among them.

Another consisted of 15 applications for 13 communities in Pennsylvania and New York. The FCC kept to its earlier decision to select Duquesne University for Marion Center, Pa.

A third group had three applications proposing to serve two communities in Texas. Scurry County Junior College District was chosen for a CP in Snyder, Texas.

A fourth group had 16 applications for eight different communities in Texas and New Mexico. Christian Ministries of the Valley and La Promesa Foundation will have to go to a point hearing before that one can be resolved.

The FCC said it will grant the applications after a 30-day petition to deny period.

You can read the ruling here.