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New EEO Software Available

New EEO Software Available

Four state broadcasters associations demonstrated EEO software to FCC staff this week. EEO1Source is an Internet portal service to help broadcasters with their EEO record-keeping in compliance and reporting requirements.
The broadcasters associations developed EEO1Source as a service for their members in conjunction with Gregg Skall of Womble Carlyle Sandridge and Rice, PLLC. The four founder associations, Missouri, California, New Jersey and Minnesota, intend to offer the service without charge to any of their members.
EEO1Source assists broadcasters in accomplishing all three prongs of the FCC’s EEO obligations, including broad-outreach; notices to qualifying organizations that have asked to be notified of job opportunities and supplemental out-reach initiatives.
The service allows broadcasters to input information as it happens, which is then collated into reports and filed into the station’s local public file as its annual EEO Report. The program also produces an HTML e-mail that can be inserted into the station’s Web site to satisfy the FCC requirements.
“Broadcasters have always been concerned about the large amounts of paperwork that could be generated by the FCC EEO requirements. With EEO1Source, there is no paperwork. All records are in a secure area on the Internet and properly protected and provided to each station,” stated New Jersey Broadcasters Association President Phil Roberts.
EEO1Source is offered through State Broadcaster Associations.