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New Faces at NPR Labs

Research assistants include Littleton, Schwab and Hinch

NPR Labs has seen some personnel changes of late.

Paul Littleton came to work there. He started in June as a paid intern, working with John Kean on mapping for the digital radio coverage and interference analysis that has been submitted to the FCC.

He is now a research assistant; Littleton helps on propagation mapping issues and is a player in IP testing and configuration issues. He’s been instrumental in getting systems configured for the election night captioning demonstration, Mike Starling says.

Paul hails from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and had recently emigrated to Maryland’s Eastern Shore before moving closer to the Washington area. He attended a college of applied technology at home and hopes to make a career working with satellites and audio transmission.

In addition to Littleton, NPR Labs now has Daniel Schwab and Mary Hinch as technical research assistants on the accessibility projects, working for Ellyn Sheffield.

Matt Burrough and Kyle Evans have moved on, though both remain consultants to NPR Labs on software applications they developed while working there.