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New Fraunhofer/University Lab Opens in Germany

AudioLabs is funded by MP3 licensing income.

Fraunhofer and the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg have opened a new audio lab to focus on digital processing.

Called the Erlangen International AudioLabs, the center, according to Fraunhofer, will employ an international team of scientists working on audio and multimedia technologies over the next 10 years.

University scientists will develop technologies for digital processing of multimedia content. One of the first areas to receive particular attention is music and speech processing, such as development of telephone or conferencing systems, officials said.

Some 100 researchers and 60 students work on audio and multimedia technologies in Fraunhofer’s Audio and Multimedia Real-time Systems departments. AudioLabs will be housed next door, providing access to the institute’s facilities, including an acoustics laboratory, a recording studio and a movie theater laboratory.

Fraunhofer will invest 60 million Euros, about $88.7 million, earned from licensing of MP3 patents, to fund this effort. The university, in turn, will create six new professorships in connection with AudioLabs.