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New Hampshire Station Knocked Off Air by Bullet

New Hampshire Station Knocked Off Air by Bullet

WBYY(FM) in Somersworth, N.H., was knocked off the air over the weekend by a bullet from a .22.
According to the Portsmouth Herald newspaper, station officials think the shot had been fired from a wooded area near the station earlier; workers then patched the line, but a problem developed when winds apparently loosened the bullet, which was 290 feet up on the Class A facility’s antenna line.
The transmission failure knocked the station off the air, and high winds kept workers on the ground for about eight hours, during which time a food donation drive was affected. Eventually a temporary structure was erected.
Police were investigating. The Portsmouth Herald quoted the station manager as saying it appeared that someone was “using the transmitter site for target practice. … I don’t think there are too many moose 290 feet off the ground.”