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New High-Power Amp Suitable for Base Stations

New High-Power Amp Suitable for Base Stations

WJ Communications expanded its AH200 series of medium- and high-power amplifiers with the addition of the AH201 high-power (1 Watt) GaAs FET amplifier.
The AH201 is the first in a line of high-power driver amplifiers suitable for base stations and wireless infrastructures.
The AH201 operates from 250 MHz to 3.0 GHz. It operates from a single supply voltage and is an internally matched device, good for both narrow band and broadband applications.
Its thermal design allows the unit to achieve +49 dBm IP3 performance at a mounting temperature of +85 degrees C. The AH201 offers 13 dB of gain and +30 dBm output P1dB.
For more information, contact WJ Communications in California at (408) 577-6279, or visit the company on the World Wide Web at

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