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New High-Rise Tower Planned for Chicago

New High-Rise Tower Planned for Chicago

The Chicago Sun-Times published two articles last week by business reporter David Roeder on developer J. Paul Beitler’s plans for a 2,000-foot tall mast to support TV broadcast antennas near Navy Pier.
Roeder said the plans for the structure have drawn opposition from a “powerful neighborhood organization.” He also reported that Beitler was in discussions with developer Christopher Carley about adding antennas to his building, which was designed by Santiago Calatrava and that this alternative has been better received by the community and Mayor Daley. Carley’s building is near Beitler’s planned site. David Roeder also noted that antenna usage experts have said that broadcasters’ needs can be met with the two existing broadcast sites in Chicago–Sears Tower and the John Hancock Center.
To learn more about these buildings–which have been called “the tweezer” and the “drill bit”–see Roeder’s articles Beitler seeks new home for TV antennas and Developer Shops TV Tower Plan.
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