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New Hybrids for Telos at IBC

Digital hybrids designed for POTS use

In between slurping lagers, walking around in wooden shoes, dodging windmill blades, plugging dyke leaks and all those other goofy Dutch stereotypes, visitors to the IBC show in Amsterdam can check at a pair of new digital hybrids at the Telos booth.

Called Nx1 and Nx2, the hybrids are designed for POTS use. Nx1 is a single channel while the Nx2 is a dual-channel device. Both codecs are fully compatible with all Telos phone system products.

Each hybrid has an AGC, noise gate, DSP-controlled caller override processing. Additional DSP can be found in Digital Dynamic EQ (DDEQ), a DSP for processing the call signal. Anti-feedback processing is included as well.