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New INOminis for Inovonics

People are known to go to excess in Las Vegas, and it looks like Inovonics is following suit — at least based on its number of new products. It will debut four at the NAB Show.

Three expand the INOmini line of products with a small form factor, all priced under $900.

The INOmini 633 (shown top) is an FM/RDS monitor receiver. It receives all standard FM broadcasts and displays and exports important RDS info for logging. Alarm tallies notify for carrier loss and audio loss. Analog L/R and AES digital line outs are included.

Similar is the INOmini 634, an AM broadcast monitor. It has a variable bandwidth selector and the same alarm and outputs as the 633.

The INOmini 514 is an FM multiplex decoder. It demodulates MPX to balanced L/R audio and has alarms for audio loss and pilot loss. There is an AES digital output on it.

Also, Inovonics says that the Model 610 Internet radio monitor (shown bottom) is an industry first. It decodes and displays live metadata for MP3, Ogg Vorbis and AAC formats. Alarms account for audio loss, stream loss and Internet loss. Alerts can be sent to personnel via email and/or text messages. Being an Internet product, of course there is a remote web interface. Balanced analog L/R and AES digital are the line outs.

NAB Show Booth C3031

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