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New Interface for SoCast

Reworked A/V player and improved social media features

SoCast SRM unveiled a new user interface for its SoCast Community social media interface for radio stations using platform.

According to a release Community 2.0 provides an audio/visual media player that displays an image slideshow of the artist currently on air and has a “personalized” list of recommended music, ranked by popularity among friends and radio community, that can be viewed on-demand in the A/V player.

There is also an improved chat stream that publishes messages to and from Facebook for seamless social integration along with a mirrored community tab for Facebook fanpage with identical features.

SoCast CEO Elliott Hurst explained: “While radio companies are interested in listener data, listeners are just interested in the music. By creating the engaging music experience listeners crave, their interaction with that music accumulates data and radio gets exactly what it wants.”

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