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New iPod Nano Retains FM

Apple’s newest version of its player also continues iTunes Tagging

Image courtesy Apple
Apple unveiled its newest version of the iPod Nano. It retains the FM radio feature with iTunes Tagging and RDS capability.

The technology developer has replaced the click wheel with a “multi-touch interface”; that’s how it was able to reduce the overall size to roughly 1-1/2-inch square, according to Apple’s announcement.

The company says the battery in the new Nano can retain a charge for up to 24 hours. The live pause feature allows users to rewind up to 15 minutes or fast-forward to catch up to the live broadcast.

The new iPod Nano will be available next week for a list price of $149 for the 8 GB model and $179 for the 16 GB model. Both models are available in silver, graphite, blue, green, orange and pink through the Apple Store and Apple authorized resellers.

Apple also introduced a new iPod Touch that includes more features — but no radio.

We’ve reported that iBiquity Digital has been talking to Apple for a while about including HD Radio in its devices; CEO Bob Struble recently told Radio World that those talks continue.

Apple also announced the “Ping” music-based social networking feature for the iTunes 10.

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