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New ‘Mascot’ Radio Ads Not Aired

Oneida Indian Nation spots protesting “Redskins” name were to air on WJFK, WPGC

New radio ads that were to air in Washington this weekend protesting the name of the city’s NFL team did not air.

The spots from the Oneida Indian Nation were to air on CBS Radio-owned WJFK(FM) and WPGC(FM), Washington in the run-up to Sunday’s Redskins game against the Chicago Bears. CBS Radio executives said the issue had received plenty of coverage on its stations during the week in news and various talk shows.

The OIN says the new ads encourage Dan Snyder, the owner of Washington’s NFL team, to “put himself and his franchise on the right side of history by choosing a legacy of inclusion and mutual respect.” The latest advertisement is part of the Oneida Indian Nation’s Change the Mascot campaign, which is airing similar ads through the season in Washington and all cities where the team plays road games.

Snyder has defended the “Redskins” name, saying it’s not meant to offend, while NFL executives, meanwhile, have agreed to meet with the OIN on the issue.