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New Module Aims at Low-Cost DAB Receivers

New Module Aims at Low-Cost DAB Receivers

Frontier Silicon, which makes semiconductors for digital products, will produce an integrated module for Band III, L-Band and VHF radios called Venice 2.
The company said this development will enable more-affordable DAB digital radios in Europe.
“In particular, the new module enables the huge number of DAB receivers initially developed for the U.K. and other Band III regions to be quickly updated to support the growth of DAB digital radio in other markets,” a spokesperson stated.
The CEO stated, “With Venice 1, we were the first to enable the first £99 digital radio in the UK. Now with the tri-band Venice 2 module, we are enabling the first tri-band €99 digital radio in the rest of Europe.
“We anticipate the arrival of the €99 digital radio will have a similar impact on the growth of DAB in markets such as Germany, Italy, France and Spain.”