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New Name, Mission for Public Radio Capital

Media consultant, broker expands beyond radio

Public Radio Capital has worked as a media consultant, broker and policy advocate for the past 12 years.

Its mission for the past 12 years has been to broaden the reach of public radio and worked with some 275 broadcasters.

Now, the group is changing its name to “Public Media Company” to reflect a broader focus. “At local and national levels, we are dedicated to building partnerships and cross-industry networks to improve program offerings, increase public media audiences, and strengthen the financial health of public media,” says CEO Marc Hand.

The name change comes as the group redefines it mission — to maximize the relevance and impact of public media for all.

In addition to its consulting services, the organization is adding products and tools “to enhance the operations and reach of public media,” according to Hand. The first product, Channel X, establishes a market for licensing and broadcast of curated video for public media audiences. The platform connects producers and content providers directly with broadcast programmers, “addressing a long-standing barrier to collaboration between the two,” according to Hand.

The next project is the Public Media Database, data management platform to help stations more effectively measure performance.