New Omnia Processor Targets Digital FM

New Omnia Processor Targets Digital FM
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Omnia Audio said the first units of its new Omnia-6EX processor are now in the field.
The device has parallel processing paths optimized for conventional FM audio and digital transmission chains, "especially bit-reduced codecs used with HD Radio/DAB service and satellite systems," the company said. It adds enhanced processing and fine-tuning controls to the existing Omnia-6 platform.
President Frank Foti said the processor "substantially advances the management and suppression of processing-induced intermodulation distortion. ... And it's nice to finally be able to put back the last bit of high-end that FM listeners have been missing for so long."


Omnia Ships Two New Processors

Citing demand driven by HD Radio multicasts, streaming Internet audio and networked delivery system cluster installations, Omnia Audio is shipping two new processors: Omnia One FM and Omnia.8X.