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New Prophet Delay Goes Beyond 7 Seconds

New Prophet Delay Goes Beyond 7 Seconds

Profanity delays are hot items right now. Here’s another approach to a program delay, as pointed out by Jeff Littlejohn, senior vice president of engineering for Clear Channel Radio.
“Delays are great, but for the most part you have to be pretty quick on the trigger to make them work,” he said. “And if a bit takes 2 or 3 minutes to develop, you really don’t want to just cut out the punch line. You’d rather erase the entire segment.”
“Prior to parting ways with Bubba (the Love Sponge), we had Prophet Systems develop a delay to deal with our concerns … it worked so well that Kevin Lockhart decided to market it as a retail product.” Supplier Prophet also is owned by Clear Channel; Lockhart is president.
The product is called ContentCheck; it works as a standalone system or with Prophet’s NexGen or other automation systems.
“This delay isn’t for everyone,” Littlejohn said, “but if someone has a really ‘on-the-edge’ morning team, I think it’s a perfect fit. While it will allow up to a one-hour delay, I think most people would use it as a 5-10 minute delay … which allows plenty of time to edit, but also keeps it timely.” For information, visit