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New SBE Event Serves New England, New York

New SBE Event Serves New England, New York

Organizers are hoping that radio, TV and postproduction people will come to a new regional event, BOS-CON 2002, this fall.
The event takes place Oct. 29 and 30. It is sponsored by SBE Chapter 11 and includes an Ennes Workshop and supplier trade show at a hotel in Marlborough, Mass.
“There hasn’t been an Ennes Workshop in the Boston area for 10 years,” said Dan Rau, the event coordinator co-chair, “and it has been 12 years since the last major trade show, the NAB Radio Show 1990 in Boston.”
He said the event specifically will include booths and information for radio as well as video professionals.
Rau and his co-chair Bob Hess hope for 800 people for the trade show and 100 for the Ennes Workshop. The target for exhibitors is 125 companies.
The Ennes Workshop fee is reduced to $25; it will start at 10:30 a.m. to allow attendees to drive in from New England and New York state in the morning and stay overnight for the exhibits.
Info: (978) 425 2470 or e-mail [email protected].