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New Sirius Portables Arriving in Stores

New Sirius Portables Arriving in Stores

Sirius Satellite Radio and Clarion have introduced the smallest plug and play in the Sirius product line up. The SIRPNP Sirius Satellite Radio, is now available at Tweeter and Crutchfield, as well as other Clarion dealers. The transportable satellite radio can be moved from a car to a truck, home, RV or boat.
“The size and design of this product showcases the future of Sirius radios,” said Larry Pesce, senior vice president product development and strategic planning, Sirius.
Features of the Clarion SIRPNP receiver include 30 presets, music title and artist scan, multiple search and display modes, dual illumination faceplate, three different font/display styles, adjustable audio output level and a clock. The home and car kits provide consumers the ability to install the unit in different locations using just one Sirius subscription. Each kit includes an antenna, RCA audio connections and infrared remote. The car kit features a wireless FM transmitter, which transmits the Sirius signal into an existing car radio.
Clarion lists the receiver for $99.95 and each kit at $49.95.