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New Spectrum for Terrestrial DAB

New Spectrum for Terrestrial DAB

Non-U.S. terrestrial digital radio broadcasters are eagerly awaiting the release of additional spectrum to allow new, localized Eureka-147 DAB services to launch.
Representatives from the digital radio sector met this month with radio regulators and frequency planners in Geneva to discuss reallocating some of the L-Band frequency currently earmarked for satellite radio to terrestrial DAB.
World DAB President Michael McEwen said, “In terms of investment, technology and support, the success of the Eureka 147 DAB system is obvious. There are 450 different DAB services now available across 20 different countries, reaching a potential 300 million people.”
The World DAB Forum represents more than 100 companies and organizations from all sectors of the broadcasting industry across 25 countries. They include public and independent broadcasters, DAB receiver and equipment manufacturers, transmission providers and governmental bodies.