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New Study Profiles Hispanic Radio Audience

New Study Profiles Hispanic Radio Audience

Arbitron is out with its annual update about Hispanic listeners in the United States and their preferred formats, and radio’s reach is clear.
The latest version of “Hispanic Radio Today: How America Listens to Radio” combines Scarborough Research consumer data with Arbitron audience data in an effort to create a comprehensive profile of this growing consumer market.
The national study found that more people than ever are listening to Spanish-language radio, and the number of Spanish-language radio stations increased by more than 100 in the past four years. According to Arbitron, the number of Hispanics living in the United States accounts for more than 13% of the population in Arbitron metros.
Statistics show the Mexican regional format is the favorite Spanish-language format of Hispanics in the U.S. Spanish contemporary comes in at No. 2, followed by Spanish Tropical. Contemporary hit radio ranks as the favorite English-language format among Hispanic audiences.

Other study findings include the following:

Forty-four percent of the Hispanic AC audience has stocks, bonds, money-market accounts, mutual funds and/or other investments;

Hispanics who listen to Mexican regional are 39% more likely than the average Hispanic consumer to buy a new pickup truck in the next year and 32% more likely to purchase a used truck;

Hispanic CHR listeners – whose makeup includes teens and young adults – enjoy extreme sports, in-line skating, bowling, and going to the movies; and

And Spanish variety listeners are 14 percent more likely than the norm to use online banking services at home.

The study can be downloaded at