New Study Profiles Hispanic Radio Audience

New Study Profiles Hispanic Radio Audience
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Arbitron is out with its annual update about Hispanic listeners in the United States and their preferred formats, and radio's reach is clear.
The latest version of "Hispanic Radio Today: How America Listens to Radio" combines Scarborough Research consumer data with Arbitron audience data in an effort to create a comprehensive profile of this growing consumer market.
The national study found that more people than ever are listening to Spanish-language radio, and the number of Spanish-language radio stations increased by more than 100 in the past four years. According to Arbitron, the number of Hispanics living in the United States accounts for more than 13% of the population in Arbitron metros.
Statistics show the Mexican regional format is the favorite Spanish-language format of Hispanics in the U.S. Spanish contemporary comes in at No. 2, followed by Spanish Tropical. Contemporary hit radio ranks as the favorite English-language format among Hispanic audiences.

Other study findings include the following:

Forty-four percent of the Hispanic AC audience has stocks, bonds, money-market accounts, mutual funds and/or other investments;

Hispanics who listen to Mexican regional are 39% more likely than the average Hispanic consumer to buy a new pickup truck in the next year and 32% more likely to purchase a used truck;

Hispanic CHR listeners - whose makeup includes teens and young adults - enjoy extreme sports, in-line skating, bowling, and going to the movies; and

And Spanish variety listeners are 14 percent more likely than the norm to use online banking services at home.

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