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New XM Radio Products Introduced at CES

New XM Radio Products Introduced at CES

XM introduced new wireless FM audio adaptors for its Delphi XM SKYFi and Roady product lines. The SKYFi and Roady audio adaptors, which retail at $29.99 each, deliver XM to any car with an FM radio system. The adapters plug into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. They wirelessly transmit XM to a vehicle’s FM radio and provide power to the receiver.
For the home, XM has introduced the Roady home adapter, which retails at $39.99. The home adapter connects the Roady to a home stereo or a set of powered speakers.
Delphi has introduced the Delphi CD Audio System, the first AM, FM, XM, CD and MP3-capable boom box. It lists at $179.99. This product delivers XM programming through the Delphi XM SKYFi receiver, introduced in 2002 and now lists for $99.99.
XM recently introduced the aftermarket product XM Commander, an XM radio that works with any AM/FM car stereo, regardless of the brand. Terk Technologies distributes XM Commander.
Last month, Alpine Electronics introduced the industry’s first in-dash stereo head unit with a fully-integrated XM radio, along with AM, FM, and CD functions. This new receiver eliminates the need for a separate XM tuner box.
Finally, the new XM Direct device features a low cost, universal tuner that directly connects to the car stereo system using a smart digital adapter cable for $99.99. Once the XM Direct is connected, you can listen to XM on the in-dash car stereo using the existing stereo controls.
Blitzsafe introduced the very first XM Direct adapter cable for BMW and Mini automobiles last fall. Blitzsafe is expected to introduce adapter cables for Alpine and Sony head units in the first quarter. In addition, Terk Technologies is introducing XM Direct adapter cables for Kenwood and Pioneer head units.