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New York Festivals Announces Winners

RTÉ Ireland named Broadcaster of the Year

New York Festivals’ International Radio Program Awards held its annual Gala on Monday, at the Manhattan Penthouse to announce its full list of 2015 award winners. The big winner was RTÉ Ireland, who walked away with Broadcaster of the Year award, the third time the broadcaster has been honored with that title.

In addition to Broadcaster of the Year, RTÉ Radio Ireland also was rewarded with six Gold trophies; nine Silvers, including a UNDPI Silver trophy; four Bronze and nine Finalist Certificates. Other big winners were TBI Media UK, who was named Production Company of the Year, as well as the Grand Award along with New York Philharmonic USA and WNYC–Radiolab USA.

“In this digital age, that is shaping and changing the way people listen, it is important that our content appeals to our international audience as much as our listeners in Ireland,” said Jim Jennings, managing director of RTÉ Radio.

“That our programs not only have relevance to our global audience, but that they resonate to a point that RTÉ Radio has been named Broadcaster of the Year once again, is extremely important to us as a public service broadcaster.”

The full list of winners can be found here.