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New Zealand Tourists Get Virtual Tour Guides in Rental Cars

GPS-based system offers in-car tourist-oriented programming.

Tourists in New Zealand are now being treated with a virtual tour guide in rental cars from Tourism Radio, which is being run through a GPS system. No matter their location, tourists can enjoy local entertainment and tourism information as it relates to their location.

Tourism Radio Managing Director for New Zealand and Australia Hayden Braddock said the technology acts as a virtual tour guide. “Tourism Radio’s unique IntelliPoint system draws the driver’s attention to prominent landmarks and highlights as the vehicle approaches them, making sure the tourist doesn’t miss any key attractions,” Braddock said. “Whether it’s the closest visitor center, an historical insight or information on New Zealand slang and local music, Tourism Radio aims to provide a comprehensive information and entertainment service to travelers.”

Tourism Radio has 1,600 points of interest from around New Zealand programmed into its system. The 80 hours of programming will include Kiwi voices, phrases, and a distinct local flavor so that tourists can get the full Kiwi experience.

Tourism Radio also operates in Hawai’i, Namibia, Spain and South Africa.