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NewRadio/Marathon Deal Is Called Largest Ever in Wisconsin

NewRadio/Marathon Deal Is Called Largest Ever in Wisconsin

NewRadio Group LLC said it will buy 15 radio stations in Wisconsin and seven in Illinois, plus the Goetz Networks, from Marathon Media.
“The deal is believed to be the largest single sale of radio properties ever in the state of Wisconsin,” it said.
NewRadio Group will be headquartered in Wisconsin and Iowa. It said it expects to continue acquiring, targeting smaller and medium markets in the upper Midwest.
NewRadio Group’s managing partners include Mary Quass, former president of the Central Star division of AMFM, who will serve as CEO; Tami Gillmore, also formerly of Central Star, who will be CFO; and Lindsay Wood Davis, the executive vice president of meetings at RAB, who will be COO.
The stations in Illinois are: WIXN(AM-FM) in Dixon; WSEY(FM) in Oregon/Mt. Morris; WCMY(AM) and WRKX(FM) in Ottawa; and WJBD(AM) and WJBD(FM) in Salem.
The stations in Wisconsin are WACD(FM), WATK(AM), and WRLO(FM) in Antigo; WDLB(AM) and WLJY(FM) in Marshfield; WMQA(FM) and WLKD(AM) in Minocqua; WRDB(AM), WBDL(FM), and WNFM(FM) in Reedsburg; WOBT(AM), WRHN(FM) and WHDG(FM) in Rhinelander; WOSQ(FM) in Spencer; and WYTE(FM) in Whiting.