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News Figures Selected for German Fellowship

The 15 journalists and producers will spend two weeks in Germany

One member of the radio community, among 15 U.S. news figures, has been selected to take part in the German/American Journalist Exchange Program, administered by the Radio Television Digital News Foundation.

The exchange is sponsored by the RIAS Berlin Commission and is part of the ongoing relationship between the RTDNF and RIAS (“Radio in the American Sector”). Participants will be briefed by members of the German political, business and media arenas in Berlin, Leipzig and Cologne, followed by meetings with the EU and NATO in Brussels, Belgium.

An environmental reporter for Seattle-based KPLU(FM), Liam Moriarty, will be the only radiohead in the crowd.

Moriarty previously was a news director with NPR affiliate KSOR(FM), Jefferson Public Radio, editor and publisher at The Island Times and a reporter for the Journal of the San Juan Islands. He recently took second place in the RIAS Berlin Commission’s “Excellence in Journalism” award.

The competition aims to encourage the reporting of news that improves understanding between Germany and the United States.

The list of participants:

Chris Cifatte, News Anchor, WINK(TV), Fort Myers, Fla.
Christina Cotterman, Producer, FOX News Channel, Washington
Jason Evans, Assignment Editor, CNN Newsource, Atlanta ?
Ken Fischer, Journalism Instructor, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. ?
Julian Hills, Assignment Coordinator, CNN Newsource, Atlanta ?
Andrew Horansky, Reporter, KVUE(TV), Austin, Texas
Scott McKenney, Photojournalist, KVUR(TV), Austin, Texas
?Liam Moriarty, Environmental Reporter, KPLU(FM), Seattle ?
Traci Neumann, Photojournalist, WDJT(TV), Milwaukee
Erik Olsen, Video Journalist, The New York Times, New York
?Rosemary Pennington, PhD Student in Mass Comm., Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.?
Jacqueline Pham, Producer, FOX News Channel, Washington ?
Annette Raveneau, Reporter/Producer, Univision KINC 15, Las Vegas?
Frank Ucciardo, Correspondent, CBS News, New York ?
Kris Van Cleave, Reporter, WJLA(TV), Washington