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An Introduction to Radio Resources

A conversation with Director of Product Services Alex Quintero

Alex Quintero headshot
Alex Quintero

Radio Resources, a New York City-based company that launched in July, describes itself as a “toolkit of end-to-end products and services.” It partners with product and service providers to create a single-source turnkey platform.

“Until now, radio station owners and operators had to deal with multiple providers and retrofit the pieces together,” it said in its announcement.

For this installment in our Supply Side series, we asked Director of Product Services Alex Quintero to tell us more about the company.

Radio World: What’s your mission?

Alex Quintero: We’re a single-source, multiple-solutions platform. Our goal is to offer medium- to small-market owners and operators the best provider for every component necessary to running a radio station or group — from production and imaging, to texting, national sales representation, back office operations, music testing, research and more.

RW: So if I understand correctly, you’re like a middleman that helps smaller and medium-sized businesses manage third-party services — you don’t make hardware or write software, but you help radio stations manage those services. Is that right?

Quintero: No, we are more than a middleman. Our team has extensive knowledge about the goals and challenges of running a radio station. We work with stations and groups to gain insight into their specific needs, and then build a customized plan that delivers the right tools for them. By creating strategic partnerships with top-quality product and service providers, and funneling those options to stations and groups through Radio Resources, the customer journey is more streamlined, cuts costs and saves time for owners, managers and their teams. We can do this because we’ve assembled the most extensive collection of top-quality tools for radio.

RW: Describe how the company got started.
Quintero: Radio Resources came about when evaluating the current landscape of our industry. With big ownership having most, if not all, of the resources necessary to thrive and evolve in today’s competitive landscape, there was a need to level the playing field for medium to small markets. Radio Resources enables stations in these markets to have affordable access to the same level of to- quality tools as the big operators, who already own many of these tools inhouse or have the luxury of a big budget to create them. With Radio Resources, medium- to small-market stations are equipped to compete against the biggest groups.

Radio Resources logo, blue text with a wireless symbol above the letter I in RadioRW: List the types of services that fall under your umbrella.
Quintero: Currently we offer accounting, consulting, IT, back office operations, programming, production & imaging, finance, research analytics, national sales representation and sales training and more.

RW: Are engineering and technical products part of this; do you help stations buy consoles and transmitters, say, or help them find engineers and integrators?

Quintero: Yes. We’re in the process of rolling out Phase Two in early October to include broadcast equipment. Right now, under our consulting service we offer engineering services. Finding engineers who specialize in RF has been a big pain point for many radio broadcasters and we’re in conversations with providers who fill that need.

RW: How do you make your money; is this a monthly fee arrangement?

Quintero: Access to Radio Resources’ suite of products and services can be through barter, cash or a combination of the two. We created Radio Resources to be a viable resource for stations to benefit from, as they evolve in the formidable years ahead.

RW: What else should we know?

Quintero: As budgets get tighter and the hurdles get higher Radio Resources will be here to help alleviate those restraints to let broadcasts focus on doing radio.

The company’s website is